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Rise and Worship (2017)

by Nathan Clark George

Creator God, our Sovereign Lord, The heavens tell, the stars have shown, Your splendor, might, and Deity, But Truth lies in your Word alone.                         My heart to you, O God, I give,                    And by your Word I live.                                                                        In Truth your Word reveals my guilt, My lost, unworthy self makes known,             But now made new I’m justified And live and move by Faith alone.                         My heart to you, O God, I give,                         And now by Faith I live.   Before you made the world you chose, In love, to send your only Son To ransom me and make me one With Christ, my Lord, by Grace alone.                         My heart to you, O God, I give,                         And now by Grace I live.   O Christ, Redeemer, Savior, King, Subdued by grace, I am your own; Enthrall my soul and make me free, Reformed, redeemed by Christ alone.                          My heart to you, O God, I give,                          And now in Christ I live.   O glorious God, who reigns on high, With heart in hand, before your throne, We hymn your glory ‘round the world    With psalms adoring you alone.                           My heart to you, O God, I give                           And for your glory live. Douglas Bond, Copyright, October 31, 2007
We rise and worship you, our Lord,             With grateful hearts for grace outpoured, For you are good—O taste and see—             Great God of mercy rich and free.                                                          A chosen son of God on high,                        I trembling bow and wonder why This Sovereign Lord—O taste and see—             In love stooped down and rescued me.   Your Son obeyed the Law for me,             Then died my death upon the tree. O Jesus Christ, I taste and see             And marvel that you purchased me.   In might, your Spirit drew me in,             My quickened heart from death to win. O Holy Spirit—taste and see—            My comfort, hope, and surety.   With thankful praise our hearts we give;             By grace alone we serve and live. O Trinity, we taste and see             Your sovereign goodness full and free.   —Douglas Bond, Copyright, November 19, 2007
Triumphant Jesus bore the cross Of cruel passion, curse, and loss; He routed sin, and death, and woe, And Satan my infernal foe.                      Yet does the fiend still prowl and lurk, His schemes upon my heart to work. But God before me who can stand When Christ in battle guides my hand?   Since Christ my Savior works within, No more am I a slave of sin. The hopes of hell and Satan wrecked, No more can he charge God’s elect.   No power of flesh or demon’s might Can snatch from me Christ’s blood-bought right. I more than conquer by the Word Of Christ my Captain and my Lord!                    —Douglas Bond, Copyright, December 12, 2007
Jesus, faithful Friend of sinners, God incarnate, pure and sinless; I am full of all that hinders— Empty, lonely, lost and friendless.   Jesus, tender Shepherd faithful, God in fullness here below; I am anxious, dull, ungrateful, Prone to wander, full of woe.   Jesus, Servant, precious treasure, Gave your life my life to win. I am vain, pursuing pleasure, Full of hunger, self and sin.   Jesus, Savior, blessed Redeemer— Filled with mercy overflowing, I’m forgiven without measure— Friend of sinners, glorious King!
If I can speak in tongues of fire Yet fail to do what love requires, I’m nothing—though high mountains move— I’m nothing without perfect love.   I’m nothing if I try to hide Resentment, envy, selfish pride.                       I’m nothing—though high myst’ries find—   If I’m not patient, humble, kind.                                                                    His heav’nly gifts God gives to me So Christ’s perfected love I’d see And know—and speak, and serve and give— And in my holy Bridegroom live.   In faith and hope, love perseveres, No anger and no rudeness hears; Such lovingkindness—fully blessed— Gives foretastes of eternal rest.   I see in part like children here, A poor reflection in a mirror; Yet in my heart I long to find Love more by Jesus’ love refined.   Above I’ll know, as Christ has known, How vast his love for sinners shown! With eyes undimmed I’ll end my race And gaze on Jesus face to face!                             Douglas Bond, Copyright, December 28, 2007
Lord Jesus, you’re more excellent Than Moses’ ancient covenant: Its Law you perfectly obeyed And on the cross its curse you paid.   My Royal Priest is excellent Above the dying priests who went In yearly terror through the veil— But once for all Christ did prevail.   Lord Jesus, you’re more excellent Than all the guardian angels sent To guide our steps both day and night, Since Jesus guards with sovereign might.   Great Savior, you’re more excellent Than all the Devil’s arrows spent In furious rage against the ones For whom Christ died to make his sons. Kind Jesus, you’re more excellent Than doubts and troubles I invent; Your life laid down, my victory won— My Advocate, God’s holy Son.   O Christ, you are most excellent, By th’new and better covenant: Redeeming Love who took my part, Inscribed your Law upon my heart.   O Righteous One, most excellent, Your cross fulfilled the covenant; O Worthy One, who took my place, I long to worship face to face.   Douglas Bond, Copyright, March 28, 2011
We worship Christ, the Cornerstone, Who made us one in him alone! Not Jew nor Gentile, bond nor free, This commonwealth of unity.            Our Lord has from the two made one, And with his blood our peace has won.   Brought near in Christ, the Prince of Peace, Our envy, strife, and warfare cease; For tribes and tongues, and strangers all, Our Peace has broken down the wall; New covenant mercy he extends To us his fellow heirs and friends.   One faith, one hope of heav’n above, A unity of holy love; One body made of many parts, A unity of loving hearts; One temple built of cast-off stone, Made holy by the Holy One.   To Jesus Christ we lift one voice—  The household of our Father’s choice— Whose love makes ours for others grow And makes the watching world to know That our abiding Cornerstone Has made us one in Christ alone!     Douglas Bond, Copyright, December 2, 2009
What wonder filled the starry night           When Jesus came with heralds bright! I marvel at His lowly birth,           That God for sinners stooped to earth. His splendor laid aside for me,           While angels hailed His Deity, And shepherds on their knees in fright           Fell down in wonder at the sight. The child who is the Way, the Truth,           Who pleased His Father in His youth, Through all His days the Law obeyed,           Yet for its curse His life He paid. What drops of grief fell on the site           Where Jesus wrestled through the night, Then for transgressions not His own,           He bore my cross and guilt alone. What glorious Life arose that day           When Jesus took death’s sting away! His children raised to life and light,           To serve Him by His grace and might. One day the angel hosts will sing,           “Triumphant Jesus, King of kings!” Eternal praise we’ll shout to Him           When Christ in splendor comes again!                              Douglas Bond (December 16, 2010)
King Jesus reigns, enthroned on high! We lift our voice and glorify His Majesty, his power and grace, And his high sovereignty embrace.   Though kings usurp and proud men try Their pompous selves to deify, Adoring praise shall never cease For Christ, Redeemer, Prince of Peace!   King Jesus rules upon his throne And does the wealth of nations own; While fading things to Caesar bring, Ourselves we render to our King.   While pharaohs, kings, and emperors boast, The King of kings leads out his host; The proud, one day, shall bow the knee When Christ in triumph sets us free!   King Jesus wears his worthy crown, Though envious men and nations frown, And we, by grace, on eagle’s wings, Uphold the Crown rights of our King!   His holy nation, chosen ones, We joyful bow, and with our tongues We hymn allegiance high and sing, “Hail Jesus! Sovereign Lord our King!”                   Douglas Bond, Copyright, March 12, 2008
I know that my Redeemer lives! And with His life my sin forgives. O Jesus, Lord, I’ll hope and pray, And patient be—though come what may.   When troubles come with grief and tears And hope is lost in all my fears, On God who gives and takes away My sins, and doubts, and sorrows lay.    His ways are wondrous, high above, So full of righteousness and love. So glorious is my God of grace, My longing heart leaps from its place.   Redeeming mercy gives me light And songs of joy within the night. Since Jesus all my troubles bore, I am God’s friend forevermore!   O great Redeemer, glorious sight! Your will and ways are always right. My heart within me yearns to see Your glory, light, and majesty!   Douglas Bond, December, 2010
Our God in all things works for good; His sovereign, gracious will has stood And will through endless ages stand, Sustained and ordered by his hand.   In goodness God stretched out the sky, The sun and moon and stars that cry, “Almighty God has made all things!”— Creation groans yet shouts and sings.   From heaven’s bounty God gives food To saint and rebel, bad and good; Our God in all things meets men’s needs And just and unjust kindly feeds.   When clouds descend and troubles rise, Despair and darkness, tears and sighs, Yet God is good in grief and loss, And bears his own who bear their cross.   Redemption, purchased and applied To favored ones for whom Christ died; His lambs he grants repentance free And eyes of faith his cross to see.   All praise to God who works for good! Whose loving kindness firm has stood And will through endless ages stand, Unerring, ordered by his hand. —Douglas Bond (Copyright May 15, 2006)
We marvel at your wondrous Word, Divinely breathed, the Spirit’s sword. Rebuild our ruins, restore our race,         ` O Living Word, the God of grace.   We need your Grace, the grace that brings Forgiveness borne on mercy’s wings. Rebuild our ruins, restore our race, O God of mercy, God of grace.   We see by Faith—true sight it brings; Rejoicing in your light we sing! Rebuild our ruins, restore our race, O faithful Jesus, God of grace.   We worship Christ and to Him cling, To Him alone, for everything! Rebuild our ruins, restore our race, Messiah, Jesus, God of grace.   We Glory in the One who brings Eternal peace—all glorious King! Rebuild our ruins, restore our race, O Sovereign Jesus, God of grace.                 Douglas Bond (copyright, January 2, 2015)


With corporate worship in mind, these hymns are intended to be sung congregationally. My desire is to compose accessible and well-crafted tunes that reflect the theological content of lyrics and that lead God's people in worship. —Greg Wilbur

“We need poets!” declared Luther 500 years ago, poets to give the Church theologically and aesthetically appropriate lyrics with which to rise & worship King Jesus. In that spirit we offer New Reformation Hymns for the people of God to sing the high praises of God, soli Deo gloria. —Douglas Bond


released August 14, 2017

Lyrics: Douglas Bond
Music: Gregory Wilbur
Vocals: Nathan Clark George with Katy Snow

Piano: Gregory Wilbur
Guitar: Nathan Clark George
Violin: Ryan McKasson
Viola: Henry Haffner
Bass: Tom Michael & Everett Kelley
Background Vocals: Nathan Clark George, Katy Snow, Gregory Wilbur, Tom Michael, Elaine George, Genevieve Michael
Percussion: Tom Michael
Drum Kit: Brett Vargason
Additional Instruments by Tom Michael

Produced by Tom Michael and Nathan Clark George
Mixed by Tom Michael, zod lounge music production
Mastered by Steve Corarro at Sage Audio

Recorded at NCG Studio, Franklin, TN, and Peach Pit Studio, Nashville, TN

Graphic Design by Abe Goolsby, Officina Abrahae

©2017 Greyfriars Press, Franklin TN

Greg Wilbur’s Music and Compositions can be found at www.wilburmusic.com
Douglas Bond’s Lyrics can be found at www.newreformationhymns.webs.com
Nathan Clark George’s Recordings can be found at www.nathanclarkgeorge.com

Executive Producers: Doug and Mary Lynn Spear
Album Producers from Kickstarter:

Scott Allen
The Hahs Family
Bruce A. Marshall
Dr. & Mrs. James Vernier
Robert & Barbara Wilbur

Individual Songs made possible by the following Producers:

We Worship Christ, the Cornerstone—Spring Hill Presbyterian Church
If I Can Speak—Jim and Mariann Kirkland
Our God In all Things—David Martin
Lord Jesus, You’re More Excellent—Derek & Penny Moeller
Jesus, Faithful Friend of Sinners—Rick & Heidi Stevens
I Know That My Redeemer Lives—The Tittle family in Memory of Rebekah Tittle

Greg would like to thank Dave & Vicki Sawyer and Larry & Sydney Catlett for their encouragement over the years.
Greg, Nathan, and Doug would like to thank:
Doug and Mary Lynn Spear for providing the vision and support to get this project off the ground. We are most grateful.
And our Kickstarter partners:

Gerald & Melissa Allsup
Mark & Amy Baker
MaryJane Bond
Neil Dotson
David and Pam Ferriss
The Monjure Family (Dacula, GA)
Andy & Katie Patton
Joey & Lisa Smith
Joseph & Sarah Sturtevant
Leslie Totah
The Zink Family


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Nathan Clark George Charlotte, North Carolina

A husband, father, musician, and pastor.

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